oner dignity and respect is bilt by doing the rite thang its not allways ez but id rather have my integerty then be richiy ritch having nothing dont meen ur poor if ur doing ppl rite and doing rite by ur self ur ritcher then most where it maters so dont moorn what u dont have prase who u r cuss what u r in side is what truly matters

fam is fam and fowe is fowe

ur saposta be my family my blood my sister the past is what it is leve it there and stop trying to aliminate me from the family i take time to love and caer for and uv abandund stop puting me as ur problem when u are ur problem iv become a jintle loveing soul and uv become biter and sour grow up or leve this family alone ur the 1 th@ needs to change not me or this family u try so hard to controle in to droping me 

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I have put all my hart time muny and energy into u iv wasted 5 years to make it work but nothing iv ever dun makes me worthy to u now u leve me for good so u can be whith a so calld friend of mine and i fill like iv lost a lung or kidny or even my hart i hope ur happy uv hert me moor then eny1 and broke my ability to love and my wont to find love uv proven in my hart the its all a sham now i cut u from my hart like a cancerous tumer sucking my hart dry but its to late
My hart is dry and life liss and u keep rubing it in with the pics and post of yall happy and by not leveing me alone i just wont to be left alone how hard is that

Rip blue haze